Greetings. I am a Technology Manager in the NY / NJ / CT areas. My career experience is in financial services and healthcare leading IT Groups, Application Development teams, and managing technology initiatives for hedge funds, banks, a global insurance company, and clinics specializing in orthobiologic treatments and regenerative medicine. I've established digital capabilities for multiple startup businesses and I've been a Divisional CTO for a Fortune 100 company.

I am the developer of MettleCVE, a vulnerability lookup tool for iPhone that's available on The Apple App Store.

I am an active Mentor in NYU's Tandon School of Engineering Management of Technology and Cyber Fellows Graduate degree programs.

I work independently and I am available to join your enterprise or startup project as a Technical Advisor or Software Consultant. I can fill an interim leadership role for your most important application and IT initiatives as CIO or CTO.

I have coached dozens of teams and managed hundreds of projects using Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Lean. I am reasonably current in several programming languages and infrastucture automation technologies and I can complement a team as an individual contributor when needed.

Perspective matters, and if you're looking for someone to bring simplicity, predictability, and long-term regularity to your most difficult technology and application initiatives, contact me on LinkedIn.


Salvatore Saieva

Greetings from Sal Saieva...